rony! (drknspooky) wrote,

out of order

i know im not putting these things in the proper order, but you will have to forgive me. im going to put what i have freshest in my mind now, then ill work on going back to the beginning, and getting all of those as well...

douche move 1 (in order of me talking about them, not in chronological order)

my mom makes one of two things for xmas dinner (please dont get me started on the amount of times ive tried explaining how atheism works, and that i dont want to meet up for any reason on this specific date...) either lasagna or ham. i want lasagna, as its one of my top two favorite things she makes (i wont choose lasagna or chicken noodle soup... i just wont do it).
i ask the roommate which he wants, since he is (presumably) coming with me to dinner. he wants ham. well... i dont, but the guest is always right. not a horribly big deal, but a sacrifice no less.

who decided yesterday he couldnt make it to dinner, so now my mother is has already bought a bunch of food to make, etc... and im also stuck eating the thing i dont want? yay. you win a cookie.

ill admit this isnt the most terrible of things to happen, and ranks a bit low on the list of my complaints, but the amount of ego/self importance is a bit staggering to me. you change the course of an entire evening to suit you, then decide you have more important things to be doing instead? fuck you, man.... wow. thats pretty low.
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