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a few things not popular

first? true blood is a shitty, shitty, shitty show. dont watch it. DONT. it starts out okay, but seriously devolves into one of the worst shows on tv. its horrible.

second? i find is REALLY funny how revenge is going on and on about absinthe deals at their club. i dont want to play a he said, she said game, specifically, but... their club pours drinks like a jew. my club? pours drinks like a lead fisted fuck, that cant figure out how alcohol works on humans. every time i go to that club, i spend AT LEAST 3xs what i do at my bar, and i never leave drunk. do people not want strong drinks at their bar?
its an honest question. maybe more people are going out for the music and not the drinks than i think. i CANT believe that to be true though. no one gives a fuck about bands, or the music. its a REALLY sad fact in our scene. no. one. cares.
pussy, thats what matters. can i get laid? if not, i dont want to be there.

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