rony! (drknspooky) wrote,

im back!


i decided i needed a place to vent, and good ol' journal, you are always there for me.
i have a roommate. i dont want a roommate. i didnt ask for a roommate, and i would love to not have one, but things happen, and i have made the choices i have... and i have a roommate.

as things spiral in my brain a bit, i thought it would be good to get them out on 'paper', so to speak.

i thought it might be good to have a list, a journal, as it were, to list all of my problems, that way, when things do finally go south, i would be able to come back here and see if its me that is/was crazy, or if my list of problems are/were justified....

i know that a lot of this will be petty. i know that a lot of this will seem like im just complaining to complain.. but isnt that sort of what a journal is for? to complain about little things that bother me, but arent really things i should be bothered *by*?
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