rony! (drknspooky) wrote,


ive decided im going to speak my mind, for better, or for worse, here...

could be religion.... could be a random thought... could be philosophy of... anything...

today, i want to talk about philosophy, to some small degree....

people care too much about what others think about them.
you should live your life based on what YOU want to live it by. if someone tells you you are doing things wrong, tell them to fuck off. anyone that lives their life to please others is NOT living their life. do what you need or want to do in life, and hope you can find others that feel the same way.
if you make excuses for others as to how they fit into your life, or how they get you, even though you dont REALLY get them.... you are living your life as a lie. find someone that HONESTLY understand you, or take the moral high ground, and be alone... your life will be better, in the end.
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