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im gearing up for a comic convention.
i cant seem to find a place to stay (maybe my uncle, but its almost too far) and i dont really have the time i want to be going at all.
i dont care though, i need to go. for me. this is something i REALLY look forward to, and i need some selfish time in life. the worst part is, i dont think ive read half the comics i bought last year. ::sigh:: so im throwing more wood on a fire thats barely blazing.

i DO get to see patton oswalt though, and thats pretty exciting.

i finally came to terms with what i need/want out of a companion in life, and actually happened to find someone meeting those requirements at my local comic store....
but when questioned, was... sorta given the cold shoulder from my comic guy. he might be (should be) interested in her as well... he's single.... so i dont specifically hold ill will... but this leads me to the biggest question in my life at the moment. how do you find dates? do they have 'im a nerd and cant get laid' dating sites? is joining ANY dating site a good idea? ugh.

i literally have the time... maybe i should just take a month off of work (yeah, THAT will pass HR!) and refocus life....
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